Wellness Wednesday


Be Well

Check in. How are you feeling in these areas today? "Wellness" has since developed from our traditional wellness wheel to a variety of vital areas of our lives.

How well are you this Wednesday? 

Wellness is a wheel of components that make us feel whole. Paying attention to only a few areas may cause us to feel lacking in another. 

The goal, is to find a healthy balance or at least have an awareness & intention to create balance! 

Check in • how are you feeling in these areas with yourself & how can you be better? 








And our added favorite ..


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What is a Lotus flower?

The Lotus flower signifies a soul's spiritual growth, awakening, and enlightenment. The flower itself grows deep in the mud and muck of a pond and blooms beautifully on top of the water each day. Every night it retracts its petals and sinks under the water only to bloom again the next day, this time with more petals. This alone signifies the overall cycle of birth and rebirth that we experience through human life (samsara). Once a Lotus reaches "full bloom" it represents a soul that has a spiritual awakening detached from any human desire thus becoming "enlightened" and is no longer at the mercy of being reborn. This is the ultimate attainment and goal of the practitioner in order to reach ‪#‎nirvana‬ ॐ

For me, the Lotus flower was my first drawn tattoo without direct understanding of its meaning. I met a woman who admired my drawing and said I would soon come to realize it's importance. It's also the street I was born on in Louisiana - Lotus Dr - which still intrigues me! And now it's a name I've taken on as an important aspect of my yoga journey. 

Live Life Like a Lotus