It was very obvious from the moment I met Loren that she was someone I needed to align and conect with. Not only is she a diligent and comprehensive instructor, her style, humor and genuine demeanor was the warmest welcome to yoga that I have ever experienced. Run, don’t walk to meet and practice with her!
— Lynda Minarczyk - Beverly Hills, California
I’ve been doing yoga for 30 years and Loren is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Her incredible commitment to teaching others, fueled by her knowledge and passion, is incredible. Her retreat in Colombia changed my life forever.
— Sonali Chitre -Brooklyn, New York
Loren’s style of yoga is complete with a dynamic variety of attention and intention on alignment, breath, movement while also being playful, invigorating, relaxing, mindul, and most of all - healing. Yes indeed, her classes will leave even the most busy minded professional over-achiever in radically blissed out a state of ultimate peace and harmony!
— Brian Hill -Los Angeles, California
Loren has a beautiful and caring spirit, always making sure you are in the right posture and comfortable. I’ve been practicing yoga for years but never really felt like I was improving until I enlisted Loren for private lessons and now I am a regular yogi
— Doug Baum, Los Angeles, California 
Loren is a caring and devoted teacher. Welcoming to all new-comers, she works hard to make all feel welcome and able to participate. Teaching yoga at a resort where the clientele changes every few days takes a special talent. I loved her freshness and enthusiasm.
— Michelle Daum, New York, New York
Loren’s classes were the best way to start every morning of my vacation. I felt energized and relaxed after each class and my flexibility improved greatly. I will take classes with Loren next time I have the chance.
— David Escobar, Bogota, Colombia

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